Travel Planner App

Personal Project


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Since it could be a hassle for travellers to organize their trip, this app is designed to handle them in one go. Users can plan their trip and budget, explore more destinations and ideas, and collaborate with their friends and family to organize the best trip ever.


Listing out all the requirements and features that a travel planner needs to have was one of the challenges when designing this project.


Researching and comparing competitor's designs helped to figure out what a great travel planner app needs to have.


1. Research and Sitemap

The research was done through analyzing competitor's application designs and experience and finding references online. Then, I made a sitemap to lay out the idea of how many pages this app would have and what each page should contain.

2. Designing Mid Fidelity wireframe

To create a picture of how the sitemap plan would look like, I created some Mid Fidelity wireframe for each page.

3. High Fidelity pages and Prototype

After searching for a good colour palette and typefaces, the high fidelity design of each pages were created. Then, I created a design prototype with Figma.