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Presenting an intuitive dashboard UI for Auto Rent to streamline car rental operations. Inspired by a user-friendly design and operational efficiency, this dashboard is crafted to support administrators. While the full project includes many pages, the current design focuses on the home, car list, and customer list page to ensure a high-quality, user-friendly experience.

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UI Design
Design Systems

Time Span

3 days



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July 2023


This design was driven by a passion for combining functionality with a sleek, intuitive aesthetic to enhance overall user satisfaction and operational efficiency. The home page shows a quick overview of essential metrics and functions, while the car list page displays a detailed vehicle information for easy management and selection. The customer list page efficiently organizes client data, simplifying rental processes.


The dashboard was designed to streamline and efficient user experience in car rental operations. The goal was to create a foundational interface layout that is straightforward and easy to use.



Effectively laying out the side navigation bar was a significant challenge, particularly in ensuring consistent spacing and animations in all menus. This task required repetitive actions, such as adding prototypes and making gradual adjustments to achieve uniformity.

To solve this, I utilized components, autolayout, variations, and properties in Figma. I created a single design component as the base template for the navigation menus. By modifying the properties such as navigation icons and texts, I ensured that all elements remained consistent. This approach streamlined the design process and allowed easy updates and scalability.



1. Understanding the design brief, wireframe, and conducting research

The design brief contained specific information on what features should exist in the dashboard, for example, a car tracker map, statistics, order list, and order schedules. Afterwards, I conducted thorough online research for inspiration to best implement all the elements.

2. Designing the UI in Figma

Since this dashboard requires a lot of repetitive elements and animations, I designed the UI using components, variations, and properties. Not only does it organize the work system, but it also streamlines the work process more quickly.



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