Netflix Immerse (Netflix 360)

Personal Project (Group)

Adobe Illustrator

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that allows users to stream TV shows and movies without commercials on an internet-connected device. This project was created for UI/UX Design subject in my Diploma. The task was to redesign and adapt an existing platform to another range of devices that is not yet been developed/designed by the platform. Netflix Immerse is created for Virtual Reality, such as Oculus Quest, with additional features like Watch Party, 360 videos, Identify button, and Light mode option.


Finding opportunities and solutions to overcome current Netflix's weaknesses and revamping it, so it excels over its competitors needed a thorough research and brainstorming process.


Finding inspiration online and doing a competitor analysis helped in solving the challenges.


1. Branding & Netflix Website SWOT Analysis

The name and logo for the revamped Netflix was brainstormed and designed. It's followed by analyzing the current Netflix website to see what can be improved.

2. Creating Low Fidelity wireframes and user flows

Based on the SWOT analysis, all the opportunities were turned into reality. First by making a user flow to have a depiction of the user experience's path. Then, a wireframe of the pages with all the new features were sketched.

3. Creating Mid Fidelity wireframes and user flows

After the sketch, mid fidelity designs are created as a more polished version to fixate the concept and ease the high fidelity design.

4. Designing High Fidelity and filming paper prototype

Based on the mid fidelity, the high fidelity designs and prototypes were created, using the resources (images and texts) from Netflix's website.