Personal Project (Group)

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Figma

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This website is available for 1440px and 500px screen size. Eatlah is a plaza-based food stall in Indonesia well-known for its Taiwanese snacks. This website was created as a group project for Web Design 1 subject during my diploma. The task was to create a website (design and development) with two pages. We designed the website together, and then I developed the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Since Eatlah already has its own branding design, it had to be assured that the website design and content (the content's tone of voice) are consistent accordingly.


We experimented with multiple possibilities until we found the perfect and most suitable design and content.


1. Analyzing Eatlah branding

After observing through Eatlah's branding platforms, such as its instagram, Eatlahs design characteristics were found. Which are: The use of warm colors, such as different shades of yellow, orange and red, The use of modern font for its texts, and Minimalist yet fun designs.

2. Designing the website

In this stage, the font sizes, grid system, and buttons, as well as illustrations were created and chosen according to Eatlahs branding and personality.

3. Coding the website (desktop and responsive)

Based on the design, the website is coded only for 1440px and 500px screen width using HTML for the content, CSS for the styling, and JavaScript for interactivity. Then, it is published online using github.